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17 November 2017Sacred and Religous Art
10 November 2017Sacred and Religious Art
02 October 2017Our Study Days

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Sacred and Religous Art Valerie Woodgate Friday 17 November 2017

A Masterpiece of the Northern Renaissance:  The Isenheim Altarpiece

This will be the second of three lectures on the subject.

This world-famous altarpiece, by Mathias Grünewald (c.1475-1528), with its multiple wings, expressive style, exquisite handling of colour and brilliant use of Christian symbolism, is one of the finest creations of the Northern Renaissance.  The carved portion of the altarpiece (created by Nicolas de Haguenau c1490) is a superb example of late Gothic art.  With its eleven painted and two carved panels, the altarpiece is a powerful expression of the spirit of its time, weaving into the Christian narrative many of the late medieval beliefs and fears of the time.

The intensity of Grünewald’s treatment of the Crucifixion, with its dramatic realism and profound symbolism, remains unsurpassed in the history of Christian art and continues to inspire artists in the modern era.

Valerie Woodgate is a lecturer and guide at Tate Britain and Tate Modern, and for Tate on cruises. She is a member of the teaching team at Dulwich picture Gallery, and lectures in other major galleries and, on Religious Art in churches and cathedrals. She is a script writer for Living Paintings Trust (art for the blind and partially sighted).