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10 July 2017'Monet at Giverny'
12 June 2017The English Cathedral - An Architectural and Social History

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'Monet at Giverny' Caroline Holmes Monday 10 July 2017

Caroline has lectured in the UK, USA and Japan and she also lectures for the University of Cambridge Institution of Continuing Education, the Royal Horticultural Society and the English Gardening School. She is a consultant designer specialising in evoking historical, artistic and symbolic references. She is the author of 9 books, and she presents and contributes on television and Radio 4.

In 1883 Monet moved into Le Pressoir at Giverny, and below his house he created gardens whose colours vibrantly evolved under the skies of Normandy.  Initially he painted the rural motifs of the poplars and grain stacks before devoting himself to the floral canvas of his own making.  Until his death in 1936 he grew the latest in irises and water lilies painting them as the day reflected its course in their shapes - moments captured for eternity in over 500 paintings. The meticulous restoration at Giverny provides the canvas to explore the man, his paintings and his inspiring gardens.