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09 October 2017'The Art and Beauty of Old Maps'
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11 December 2017'Symphonies in Colour: The Mosaics of Ravenna'
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12 February 2018'The Lure of the Midi:- Modern Artists and the South of France'
12 March 2018'Is it worth it? Fakes, Forgeries and Fashion'
09 April 2018'The Musical World of Gainsborough'
14 May 2018'Art and Revolution: The Life and Death of the Russian Avant-Garde'
11 June 2018'As Good as Gold': (Our Golden Anniversary Lecture)
28 June 2018'White Gold: The History of Meissen Porcelain' (Golden Anniversary tea party with lecture)
09 July 2018'Dazzling Dufy:- Invitation to a Luminous Feast with Raoul Dufy'

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'The Art and Beauty of Old Maps' Yasha Beresiner Monday 09 October 2017

Yasha Beresiner was born in Turkey of a Russian father and a Greek mother. He spent much of his working life in Latin America and qualified as a lawyer from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem before settling in England in 1968. He is a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards and is a City guide and Editor of City Guide Magazine.

The world of maps extends from BC3000 to Harry Beck’s London Underground map of 1931, and England played an important part in these developments.  Christopher Saxton in 1579 was the first cartographer to publish a regional Atlas of any country whilst John Ogilvy takes credit in 1670 for the first road atlas. ‘Since time immemorial man has enjoyed walking on his fingers.’